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Driving Range now open
When it's time to hit the driving range, one of the most important things you can do is to be prepared. That doesn't just mean having all the right clubs in your bag or making sure to remember your golf shoes. It also means knowing the rules and regulations of the driving range you'll be using. While every range will have different rules, most of them share some in common.
Leave Balls and Baskets at the Range
This is most likely the most universal and most important rule of the driving range. Because supplying you with a bucket of balls is how the driving range makes its money, they take it very seriously when someone absconds with a handful of range balls to use for their next round. Instead of trying to save a few bucks by pilfering range balls, head to the pro shop and pick up some used golf balls on the cheap. Many shops sell slightly used golf balls at a reasonable discount if you don't have the cash to afford new ones.
No Outside Instruction
Many driving ranges are part of golf courses and employ professional golf instructors full-time to help you with your game, and thus don't allow outside instructors to come in and hold practices on their facilities. Check with your driving range before you show up for an official paid practice session to see if outside instructors are allowed.
Ground Staff are constantly moving around tee areas in order to help the grass grow, which is why they set up specific areas for you to use for practice. Whether you're teeing off natural grass or tee mats, hit your clubs only in the designated areas, even if you're not thrilled with your angle or line of sight. Don't try moving your practice mat, either, in order to get a better angle.
Driving Range is closed for a short time each day while balls are being picked up by a designated person. Do not hit balls at this time, even if you think you will miss. Accidents do happen.
   range                               driving range
Small           $5 approx 30 balls
Medium        $8 approx 60 balls
Large           $12 approx 90 balls
Cannot hit own balls between 7am-6pm. All Balls and baskets on the range belong to the Pro Shop.  Collecting range balls will be considered theft and police will be notified.

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How can we help your business?


Strong, increasing Membership base.
Green Fee & Corporate Visitors


Tee/cart/scorecards Signage with your company logo and details.


We support the businesses & people that support us!

Other Advantages:

Acknowlegements on web site
Vouchers for ten rounds of golf (fully transferable)
Newsletter promotions

What is the cost?

Tee Sign $770 pa
(inc GST & subject to availability)

(1st and 10th tees carry a $100 surcharge)

Cart $550 pa

Scorecard $1100 pa

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Advertising Packages

Willunga Golf Course is arguably the best public golf course in South Australia, with its picturesque setting amongst the foothills, vines, meandering creeks and magnificent gum trees.A unique opportunity exists for your company to be associated with this excellent course. Advertising packages are available to suit your every need from score card advertising, to tee sign advertising to golf cart advertising.The following pages outline the available advertising packages at Willunga Golf Course and the benefits associated with each package.
Score Card Advertising
Price $1,100 pa (incl. GST)
Scorecard Advertising offers a unique opportunity for your company or business to be exposed to every player (approximately 40,000 pa and rising) who plays at the Willunga Golf Course.
Included in your Scorecard Advertising Package:
  • Scorecard advertising
  • Acknowledgements on web site
  • Vouchers for twenty (20) rounds of golf (fully transferable)
  • Newsletter promotions
Tee Sign Advertising
Price $770pa (incl. GST)
Tee Sign Advertising offers a unique opportunity for your company or business to be exposed to thousands of golfers at arguably the best Public Golf Course in South Australia.
Included in your Tee Sign Advertising Package:
  • Tee Sign advertising (1st and 10th tees carry a $100 surcharge)
  • Acknowledgements on web site
  • Vouchers for ten (10)rounds of golf
  • Newsletter promotions
Golf Cart Advertising
Price $550pa (incl. GST)
Golf Cart Advertising offers a unique opportunity for your company or business to be exposed to thousands of golfers at the Willunga Golf Course arguably the best South Australian Public Golf Course.
Included in your Golf Cart Advertising Package:
  • Cart advertising on 1 cart
  • Acknowledgements on web site
  • Vouchers for ten (10) rounds of golf
  • Newsletter promotions
    Willunga Golf Course
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PO Box 795 Willunga SA 5172
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